Raymond Poole



Raymond does not believe in scripted presentations, by all means he has a structure to work from but allows for the flexibility of his presentations to be altered on the fly depending on the interaction with the audience. Every presentation is different because audiences are made up of individuals who have their own reason for sitting in the room. Although Group Thinking may take place it is important to have the flexibility and experience to allow the presentation go down a path that perhaps no one knew before it needed to. If you want someone you can think on their feet, empathise with your audience and deliver passion about what they do then contact Raymond.

You are the only one who is in command of your destiny, both from a personal and professional perspective. Stop looking to blame others, look in the mirror and observe who is looking back at you and ask yourself do you really know one another, if not it is time you did.

Main Topics


Every 15 minutes in the UK a man will die from prostate cancer, in Ireland alone over 3,300 new cases will be diagnosed annually. This is a subject which must be talked about as we will all know someone who will suffer from this disease at some stage in our lives.

This talk is a brutally honest insight into the head of a prostate cancer sufferer. It will deal with their fears, expectations, impact on relationship with your partner, family and business.

Raymond will share with you his very personal experience with this journey but will do it purely from the patient’s perspective and not a medical one. He will inject humour into what can be at times a very difficult topic to speak openly about.


  • Impact on your mental health

  • Coming to terms with life post-surgery

  • How ED gets between you and your partner (without being invited)

  • Tips on how to cope

  • Starting the conversation no one wants

Suggested Audience: For both genders in any environment whether conducted in-house in companies or at a sponsored event.



We are living in an age where we have never had so much access to data instantaneously and at a pace never experienced before. In addition we have so many ways of accessing that data whether it be in the Cloud, on premise, through an intranet or simply in old fashion hardcopy. 

The data is delivered by systems that cross pollinate the output from a diverse portfolio of products and information data centres. AI is perhaps the next revolution whereby the computer chip will take over the processing of tasks ordinarily performed by teams of people, this revolution will be similar to that of the industrial one.

But what are the consequences, is the data reliable and if it is will it improve our lives and businesses. At some point in time the human finger tips will have to touch the keyboards to enter the data without their intervention nothing is outputted. 
This talk will challenge us to reassess just exactly what we need from systems rather than what we want. It will discuss how many large ERP implementations may fail because implementation teams get too focussed on the system and not the people.

Suggested Audience: Applicable to all industries and sectors.



More information coming soon...