Raymond Poole



Raymond Poole is someone who helps individuals realise their true potential even though they may not realise just what that is themselves. He has a track record of mentoring and coaching high performance teams within global organisations to deliver significant savings across their business unit.

His speaking engagements to date have very much focussed on breaking down the misconception that Project Management is something that one only engages with when wearing a hard hat, high vis and steel toe capped boots!

He is the founder of one company (PMIS Ltd) and the co-founder of second (PM Summit Ltd.) Both are companies that are involved in the development of individual’s personal skills helping to increase their core competencies and capabilities.

He is an individual who very much sits outside the box and stretches boundaries, not one to shy away from a challenge or provide the message that perhaps others would back away from. He knows that a square peg does fit into a round hole!

Raymond commenced his career back in 1980 as a Junior Draughtsperson, upon reflection it was that early training that provided him with the ability to stand back and look at the bigger picture but never losing sight of the detail. Since those early days Raymond has invested in his further education and has the following qualifications:

  • MSc of Project & Program Management

  • Diploma in Municipal Engineering

  • Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Certificate, Management & Development Programme

  • Certificate, Training & Continuing Education

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The morning you wake and dread going to work is the morning you need to re-evaluate what you do for a living. Don’t waste your life living someone else’s perception of what you should be, do what instils passion within you and brings you joy.
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On a personal note...

Raymond is a dyslexic with mild ASD symptoms which he firmly believes has helped him with his entrepreneurial professional life.

He was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Prostate Cancer in August 2017 and in typical fashion approached it like a project. He kept a blog which he eventually created his first book from. It is a humorous yet chillingly insightful piece of work allowing the reader into the mind of a cancer patient. The book is titled “There’s Nothing So Bad That It Couldn’t Be Worse” and will be published later in 2019.

Raymond believes his life experiences make him an ideal Keynote for any event as he not only survived cancer but also sexual, physical and mental abuse as a child. His mantra is, we have bad days to make us realise just how great the good ones truly are!

Husband, father to 2 (and Buttons, the dog), Pappy to 4 (and 3 dogs).