Raymond Poole



There’s Nothing So Bad That It Couldn’t Be Worse

They say there is a book in all of us, whoever “they” are! My first book will be published in autumn 2019, and is one that I never thought I would be writing but what else can one do when diagnosed with cancer. I found it very therapeutic to write my thoughts down, particularly in this humorous fashion.

The book has been described as, “powerful, funny, sad and a joyous triumph of human spirit”.

It is not a book simply for men to read. The hope is that as many women will read it too, as their partner, son, father, nephew, grandfather or friend may be suffering with this disease. The book is more than just one about prostate cancer it is about one’s mental health and the struggles we encounter when faced with such a challenge.

I hope you take the time to buy it and read it, but more importantly that it is of benefit to you and your loved ones. Safe journey wherever yours may be taking you and may you always realise just how much you are loved, thought of and respected. My thoughts are with you all.

Please don’t wait till someone dies to acknowledge how much they mean to you, do it while they are alive and more importantly let them know!

All profits from sales of “There’s Nothing So Bad That It Couldn’t Be Worse” will go to UNICEF Ireland.

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Not Final Cover