Raymond Poole



All too often in business we forget about simply helping those around us work to their true potential. We need to move the focus away from everyone being busy to productive and ensure everyone understands the difference.

Raymond has personal experience of managing small scale teams of no more than 10 people all the way up to assisting large scale organisations employing thousands across the globe. He has a proven track record of enabling his clients to get a significant ROI from his engagements.

Most businesses are managing projects but they simply don’t realise that. By implementing project management knowledge areas within your business and approaching it in a systematic approach you can derive a better return on your team’s efforts. 

It is critical in business to be able to identify when a project or function is struggling, analysing why it is doing so and if it cannot be remedied taking action. As the saying goes, it is better to fail early than late. Box clever not hard!

Areas that Raymond can support you with are:

  • Scoping needs analysis to unearth the true potential of your team(s)

  • Developing a Plan that all can follow and deliver upon

  • Helping dispersed teams work as a single cohesive unit

  • Devising training guidelines and maturity models to coach your teams to success

  • Assisting with Transformation projects across the organisation

If you feel your business would benefit from Raymond’s expertise, please contact us now to arrange a call with Raymond.